Munkavédelem, tábla, Robotex kft.



Can I buy products from you as an individual?
I couldn’t findin your catalogue the product that I would like to buy. How long does it take to produce individual/unique boards and foils?
It takes about 10 working days after approving the preview design. In urgent cases it can be 2-3 working days.
When is my order approved?
We always send a confirmation of order. Your order is approved when we send you back the confirmation.
What is happening after I have ordered?
We confirm your order, we put together your order and you can purchuase it in our specialist shop or a courier will ship it to you (Please note which option you would like to choose). If you ordered indiviual/unique product we always send a preview design. After approving the preview design we start to produce the product.
I have chosen cash on delivery paying method.When will I get the products? If the products are in stock it takes 1-2 workdays.
Where do you recommend to put self-adhesive?Öntapadós tábla felragasztását hova ajánlják?
We recommend smooth and even surfaces. Please always make the surface clean and delubricated!
Where should I place the signs?
The signs should be placed the convenient height, where people can see them properly. You should take into consideration if there is any obstacle because the signs must be uncovered.
What is the difference between the photoluminescent and phosphorescent materials?
Both material swallow photons, that they radiate out as light. In case of photoluminescent material the radiation can last hours.